Everything comes from the Earth.

This week I am cheating by posting a video. In this video, I talked about roots and how handy they can be when studying vocabulary.

I hope you enjoy the visual content once in a while.


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一期一会   –    Ichigo ichie   –   Nhất Kì Nhất Hội

“Ichigo ichie” literally translates to “one time, one meeting” or “one opportunity, one encounter”, meaning every encounter, every occurrence can only happen once in a lifetime.

This is a Japanese term originated from CHADO – the Japanese tea ceremony. The philosophy behind it is contemplating. People can have multiple rendezvous, can savor multiple cups of tea, but each experience is singular, unique, and unduplicable. It is this very meeting; this very cup of tea for this very moment. Any recurrence of the event is diverging and incomparable to the others.
Each moment in life should be treasured and treated with utmost sincerity.