It means people who is pleased to talk about any topic, according to Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary. It originates from the noun quodlibet, which is a phylosophical issue or a fine point in an formal argument.

The word seems to be a perfect title for our blog, since it is founded by two enthusiastic quodlibetarians who want to make this a place where we can talk about more than one oriented topic.

The knowing of this word was a total accident. Me, De, while trying to set up the blog and deciding its name, was looking out for words that will describe us best. I think about our common points, interests and habits. One sure thing is that we spent quite an amount of time chatting about any topics coming into our minds. So, I was thinking of some concepts like loquacious or babble or abracadabra, when I remembered the root “loqua” in loquacious means ” to speak”. I looked up to see what else this root can bring me to, but I mistakenly messed up and typed in quo instead. Anddd here we are.

To me, the word has an ancient English sound and image, reminds me of queen, quotient, librarian, etc. It feels vintage, knowledgeable, and somehow annoying. But I’m so pleased with what I found. It’s a bit long thou and I stumble sometimes reading it. Still, it’s just what I needed.

So yeah, that’s how I came up with the blog address. quodlibetarians.wordpress.com.

I also managed to register it as a gmail account. Feel free to contact us via quodlibetariansatgmaildotcom