I am so determined to write an entry today, thou I haven’t finished what need to be done tonight and will have to wake up early tomorrow.

Looking at our growing list of vocabulary, I can’t wait to expand mine. The more I look at them and more new interesting words I find, the more ambitious I feel. I have always known the English vocabulary is an enormous universe that I can’t even fathom its vastness. Only this tiny list I have has been enough to overwhelm me. I look at them frequently everyday forcing to my brain to memorize one by one, but it seems that my mind is only interested in following my instructions.

I met “decipher” today. Despite the context, I squeezed my mind hardly only to figure out that I knew it. KNEW, not any more.

“De-” as in deduct, decode, decease, etc. That’s easy. But what is “cipher”? It sounds like a character name of some dark maverick sci-fi comic books in my childhood but I can’t remember. Well, as always, my brain is notorious for being oblivious.

So I use the omnipotent power of the giant Google. Turned out, cipher is the mathematical symbol for zero ( I swear I have learnt this somewhere that says cypher means nothing). It can also be understood as a secret message, a monogram, something like that, as what I understand.

Therefore, to decipher is to decode, interprete. Here we go.

I have been English tutoring my little brother recently and our focus is vocabulary. I realize that a new word needs to be extensively ruminated to actually be known and memorized. Five times a week is a moderate amount, just enough to remember the word. And one needs to actually repeatedly read them, meet them, confront them, look them up, use them in a sentence to make them familiar. And what’s better way than putting them in a blog entry? Need to write assiduously.


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