Story No. 1

The introduction of Weird Stories Category.

This is the section where Bồ and Đề learn English together by sitting down and writing stories. Due to the distance, we use Google Docs for this live activity since it allows simultaneously editing. In the early days of their friendship, Bồ and Đề have composed Mọt Sách, a vocabulary list that consists of all the new “big” words that they wish to learn. Each of them would write one sentence and be able to lead the story as they might. And while doing so, they would have to scroll up and down the list to use as many words from it as possible.

This is the first Weird Story.

I wake up in a prairie, standing not far away is a grotesque creature.

The creature doesn’t notice my presence, it is voraciously imbibing a peculiar muddy liquid.

Where is this place? What time is it? And what is this monster? I am completely oblivious of what’s happening.

Suddenly, the sky darkens, the sunny day has switched to night time in a blink. It must be night, just like how I feel at this very moment, benighted.

Not knowing if this monstrous thing is a friend or an enemy, I think this is an auspicious time to get lost.

In my attempt to escape, I clumsily step on a puddle; making my movement noticeable to the thing. The creature turns around and gives me a baleful look.

I knew it, I always jeopardize myself by being persistently reckless. But before I can blame myself more, its face turns into a warm smile and said to me: “Where’re you going, darling?”

Oh, you think you can just vanish like that? Lemme tell ya, this is my territory. Like, I am the god of this land, you know. Like, I am omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, whatever those words even mean. Like, you know, every little move of yours is in my, like, control.” The thing talks to me, in an extremely annoying high-pitch female or, worse, gay accent.

“The god of this land? I doubt that. Look at you! A sovereign would never have to labour so hard that have such indubitably callous shoulders and palms. Tell me, my dearest lord, what kind god you are? A slavery one?”

The monster demurs for a moment to ruminate my words. One second, two seconds passes. Then it bursts into tears and dashes into the forest. While I feel like I just survive a heart attack, I can hear it yells at me from the deep, “How can you talk to me in such an atrocious manner? I will seek for retaliation.”

What is going on? Who is this sensitive little creature? Despite its rough appearance, it doesn’t seem to be formidable at all, actually quite estimable and eminent instead. But never mind, I still need to find out who I am and where I belong. So I run. Toward the sun .

Then the monster comes back with a couple hundreds of its minions. They attack me and devour me.
The End.

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